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Resources and Links

Marriage and Couples

"Why Marriage Succeed and Fail" by John Gottman-  This is a good book for "when love isn't enough" and will give empirically researched reasons marriage succeed or fail.  There are also other good books by this same author at this link.  You may want to search for the best price when ordering. 

"The 30 Secrets of Happily Married Couples" by Paul Coleman- Rated highly for helpfulness.

"The Solo Partner"- by Phil DeLuca- A decent book for how to help your relationship even without the help of your partner. 

"Depression Fallout: The impact of Depression on Couples and what you can do to preserve the bond" - by Anne Sheffield 


Is healing a marriage after an affair possible?  YES!  Many people ask me what the steps are after an affair is disclosed.  Read this short article and order one of the books listed below!  Also, please call for an appointment during this often traumatic time. 

"After the Affair: Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful" by Janis A. Spring.  This is the most commonly recommended book around this topic. 

"Surviving an Affair"- by Willard F. Harley Jr. and Jennifer H. Chalmers


"Transforming the Difficult Child" by Howard N. Glasser and Jennifer Easley.  This book is based on the Nurtured Heart Approach (developed by author) which is rapidly growing in popularity.  I really like this approach and even use it with my own children!

Creative Expression of Developmental Stages -  Take the time to look at this, it is a beautiful way to think of your child and yourself!

Positive Parenting - good link for parenting books and tips

Grief and Loss

Sutter Roseville Support Groups - They have children's and adults bereavement groups

UC Davis Support Groups -They also have support groups for bereavement


Meth Maddness - Click here to see how Methamphetamine changes a person's physical appearance.

Teens and Drugs- Teens and parents can learn about drugs and addiction

Drugs- Another good drug site. 

Cutting/ Harming oneself

Self-harm - information on harming onself and treatment ideas

Articles- The Thin Red Line; The Unkindest Cut's; Hidden Scar's Silent Wounds

"Bodily Harm" by Karen Conterio, Wendy Lauder - The author's only work with this population and have a lot of knowledge about self injury. 


Self Affirmations- Great way to build your self-image.  Sounds a little corny, but if you try this frequently you will see improvement!

"Depression Fallout: The impact of Depression on Couples and what you can do to preserve the bond" - by Anne Sheffield


Relaxation Techniques-  These are one-page quick type of methods

Relaxation for Women- A little lengthy, but be sure to check out the self-affirmations toward the bottom of this site.  Self-affirmations are an important part of relaxtion and overcoming a variety of mental health problems.

Choosing a Therapist

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